Farmers Fair Gets Good Reviews


Leader of the Opposition, and Third District Representative Hon. Julian Fraser lauded the actions that were taken by some farmers to stage an agricultural exhibition despite the cancellation of this year’s event.

In a social media post on Friday 4 March, Hon. Fraser praised the efforts of the group stating: “The farmers of the Virgin Islands have refused to be denied.”

“A group of farmers have banded behind a select team from among themselves which led to the festive event I attended at the Noel Lloyd Positive Action Movement Park today. It was a combination of the regular Farmers Week Friday Food Fair, and the Farmers Produce Exhibition,” Hon. Fahie announced.

The Legislator explained that the participating farmers eagerly showcased their produce; and he noted that the display included a variety of fruits and vegetables. “The only thing missing from today’s exhibition were livestock. That was quite understood, given the venue.”

“Given the huge success this event turned out to be, there is talk by the organizers to take a version of it to the sister islands…The band providing the music today was the Frances Lettsome Primary School Band, which I understood volunteered to do it for free,” Hon. Fraser added.

Last month it was announced that the annual Farmers’ Week celebrations were postponed until 2017.

The decision came after representatives from the Department of Agriculture met with local farmers from each of the islands and the decision came after hearing the concerns of the farming community, surrounding the negative effects of recent varying weather patterns on local crops.