Farley, Lindsay Tops Field In Ceres 10k On Beef Island


32 runners take off at Long Bay Beach, Beef Island, during Saturday’s Ceres Juices 10K Series run

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Julius Farley and Katrina Lindsay recorded the top men and women’s performances during Saturday’s Ceres Juices 10K Series tour stop on Beef Island, that attracted 32 participants.

Farley covered the course from Long Bay, Beach, Beef Island, with a loop out to Minnine’s Plants and down to Rite Way in East End, before return to finish on the beach via Little Mountain, in 39 minutes and 16 seconds.

“Today was good, with Cliff (Struiken) away, I had no other choice than to try and put in my best today, so eventually, I came up with first place,” Farley said. “I always love this course, because this is one of the fastest courses. The beach finish is spectacular. The only thing, the wet sand was a little tough coming in, but it was good. You have a nice breeze coming off the sea water, it’s wonderful.”

Lindsay who finished in 44 minutes and 44 seconds ahead of Kim Struiken’s 45:51, said it was a great race.

“This is the first 10K that I’ve actually enjoyed and it was great fun,” she said. “Everyone started off on a nice pace together. Then Dan (Mitchell) and kept the same pace. When you have someone running with you like that pulling you up the hill, but I couldn’t take him on the sand. The sand finish was tough, because 100m feels like 300m.”

Lindsay said Struiken’s lace came undone and she didn’t want to trip.

“She was with us for a good bit of the race, until we came off the bridge and then Dan and I started to pull away,” Lindsay noted. “She’s running really well.”

Struiken said it was a ‘nice 10K with an amazing scenery.’

“It was pretty hot but it was a great race,” she said. “I think the beach finish is amazing. It’s a great scenery but it’s really, really hard on the legs, especially when you’re trying to have a sprint finish, it’s quite challenging, but, nonetheless, very rewarding.”

Struiken said said the difference in this race as compared to the series opener in Road Town, was this race included hills.

“I think Kat found a good spot to take off and I wasn’t able to keep up with her unfortunately, but I had a great time and I’m happy with that,” she said.

Final results. Men: 1. Julius Farley, 39 minutes and 16 seconds. 2. Reuben Stoby, 43:09. 3. Dan Mitchell, 44:39. 4. Colm Rafferty, 46:00. 5. Aaron Gardner, 48:15. 6. Hendrik Vegeer, 52:28. 7. Shane Donovan, 53:51. 8. Nicholas Clark, 59:26.  9. Edward Alvis, 1:02.25. 10. Brandon Kartick, 1:09.37. 11. Rico Lasala, 1:14.50. 12. Revanal Santon, 1:22.34. 13. Jim Cullimore, 1:26.36.

Women: 1. Katrina Lindsay, 44:44. 2. Kim Struiken, 45:41. 3. Rosmond Johnson, 50:31. 4. Kay Reddy, 55:07. 5. Saungie Liburd, 1:04.51. 6. Natasha Ruscheinski, 1:07.04.7. Rachael Pape, 1:14.09. 8. Rovelyn Dimaala, 1:14.40. 9. Claire Burke, 1:14.58. 10. Nedy Dionicio, 1:23.07. 11. Shirley Liburd, 1:37.59. 12. Sophie Bennett, 1:37.59.

5K:1. Derek Rawlins, 21:30. 2. Darwn Peters, 25:00.