Family Farming Emphasised Through World Food Day


25 OCT 2014 FAMILY FARMING“Family Farming: Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth” was the 2014 theme for activities to mark World Food Day.

World Food Day is observed annually on October 16, and as part of the day’s activities, the Department of Agriculture facilitated several student farm programmes, including local farm visits and educational-awareness tours.

Deputy Chief Agricultural Officer, Mrs. Arona Fahie-Forbes said that World Food Day promotes the awareness of world hunger and the importance of food availability, security and quality. “This year we have promoted World Food Day through education and awareness programmes. We have aimed to get students to understand family farms are greener ways of self-sustenance, simple and possible for everyone to be a part of.”

She added, “Our department places a continuous emphasis on training young people and the international theme for World Food Day goes right along with our efforts to keep exposing, enlightening and empowering our youth on future food and employment security, sustainability and possibilities.”

Mrs. Fahie-Forbes also noted that interested members of the public are encouraged to visit local farms and thank farmers for their work in supporting the Territory’s agriculture and food production sector.

The Territory’s first observance of World Food Day was in 2009. However, this year will mark the 35th year that the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) celebrates World Food Day.

The Department of Agriculture supports the World Food Day initiative and is committed to being the premier catalyst for sustainable agricultural production, institutional change and agricultural development in the agricultural sector.