Exquisite Boat Show scheduled for 21 May


CCT Communications will be the platinum sponsor for the second BVI Exquisite Boat Show that is scheduled to take place at Village Cay Hotel and Marina from 21 May 2015.

The grand plans were announced on 14 April, when CCT’s CEO Averad Penn stated that this was very special partnering for the company: “As the only locally owned and operated telecommunications company in the BVI, we understand the importance of tourism to the BVI economy and appreciate the vital contribution of the marine industry. CCT, Life Unlimited is proud to contribute to the BVI Exquisite Boat Show and look forward to showcase our best in class wireless solutions for the marine industry,” he said.

One of the organizers of the event, Meslyn Allan announced that the event which is expected to capitalize on the US Memorial weekend tourists will offer big thrills for boat owners and boat lovers.

She explained that at the inaugural event last year there wasn’t a big buy-in among residents, because a lot of the owners did not have their boats registered in time.

However, she said that this year enough time was provided to the BVI based boat enthusiasts to ensure full participation. Allan said: “This time they had a lot of time, we have been speaking with our boaters, getting them ready to ensure that they are ready.”

“Our goal for the event is to add another prominent boating activity to the BVI that will complement our destination’s spectacular sailing product and create an additional reason for people to visit the islands. We also wanted to create an event that will bring our local and regional boating community together, and encourage camaraderie and a sense of pride throughout our large community of boating enthusiasts,” she added.

The BVI Exquisite Boat Show provides an opportunity for participants to win  up to over $13,000 in cash and prizes for their boats based on categories such as: best paint job, best interior, cleanest inboard engine, best luxury boat, safest boat, loudest sound system, biggest boat, smallest boat, most popular offshore racing boat and the coveted prize of best overall boat.