“Experience” Excercise To Curb Teenage Pregnancy


The sound of infants crying seemed to overwhelm a group of teenagers as they tried to quell the cries by attempting to find the reason. The crying infants were baby simulation dolls presented by the Rotary Club of Tortola to Fourth Form students of the St George’s Secondary School, on 11 February as part of the ‘Baby Think It Over Experience.’

The Experience which was launched at the School in conjunction with the Rotary Club is organized as a means of encouraging teens to make responsible choices and provide an understanding of parenting.

President of the Rotary Club of Tortola, Henry Creque explained that the primary focus of the Experience is teenage pregnancy prevention. He said that the program did not require a new curriculum, as it was seamlessly included as a practical component in the present curriculum.

PTA President and program initiator, Mrs. Karia Christopher said that the Baby Think it Over Experience is in line with the School’s 10th year anniversary activities and serves as a teenage pregnancy deterrent. Mrs. Christopher said that even though the school is Christian based they are not with their heads in the clouds. She announced that the program will roll out in other schools. Acting Principal Ms. Faith-Anne Adams said that the assimilation activity will give the students real life experiences in a controlled environment. She said that most of the students are excited about the program. The Principal also disclosed that some of the students are frightened out of their mind.

“I know that from this they will make positive decisions…I like this kind of task, because hands on and learning last a lifetime,” the Principal added.  It was indicated that many of the male students were afraid to participate. In fact only one male student participated.

The entire program spans three weeks. After that period the babies will generate a response as to how attentive the parents were. Parents were required to give approval for their child to participate. Each student will have the baby for two days and two nights.