Expedited Trade Licence Processing Is Now a Reality


During the 16 February Spotlight program, Director of Trade, Investment, Promotion, and Consumer Affairs, Karia Christopher announced that trade licences are being processed quickly now.

Over the years members of the public have complained about the lengthy wait to have a trade licence processed, and repeatedly asked government to do something to ensure faster turnaround.

Now, the Department Head is announcing that persons no longer have to wait for a long time to have their licence.

“For a very long time the Department of Trade was only known for processing trade licences. We have changed quite a bit of things that’s going on with that process, we’d like to think that the process is quicker,” Christopher said.

She announced that two weeks is now the average turn-around time for trade licences: “I am proud to say that most persons don’t have to wait more than two weeks to get a trade licence, but it depends on the type of business it is. Some business require inspection so we have to make sure that we do our due diligence.”