Exhausted Electricity Team Members Need A Break


The linesmen who were working to reestablish electricity gave up their family time, and as the holidays approach many of the electricity team members who came to the BVI to assist with the Territory’s power restoration following hurricane Irma will be returning home to spend time with their families. At that time the workers of the BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC) will also be taking a short break.”

General Manager of BVIEC, Leroy Abrams explained that the power restoration process is not improving as fast as the Corporation would like, and he explained that part of the reason for the slow pace is the logistics of the materials coming out of the United States.

Nonetheless the BVIEC GM said that the overworked team need rest: “Most of us are exhausted and we have to take a break. The holiday season is time to spend with family and unfortunately most of us are neglecting our families. We work seven days a week, and 14 to 16 hours a day non-stop.”

Abrams said that some of the men have taken a few days in between so they can rest because they were working for a month or two without ever getting a day off. “At some point and time you have to give your body a break and recognizing the fact that holiday season is a time for family I certainly like my team to spend time with their families. Based on all the hard work that we have done for the past two months. It is certainly noted the amount of work that they certainly have exercised rebuilding the grid. Think they do need a break,” he added.

The Corporation in the days to come are intensifying efforts to do more reconnections and are already announcing plans and area alerts for the next two weeks. Meanwhile, the pace remains hinged on the supply of critical material. It was also noted that the number of overseas linesmen continues to fluctuate as some leave and return.

Nonetheless the General Manager stressed that BVIEC is thankful for the assistance the regional electricity companies have provided and the manner in which the workers have joined shoulder to shoulder in the restoration efforts.