Electricity Corporation Phase v Project Moves Ahead


The Phase V development of the BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC) is moving ahead with cable laying works. The work commenced this week on Monday 16 November.

The Corporation explained that this element of the project is associated with the installation of additional interconnecting transmission cables between the Pockwood Pond and Long Bush power plants in order to upgrade the power distributing capacity of BVIEC’s grid.
As such the Corporation announced that during the course of the upcoming week, works will be conducted in the Pockwood Pond area between the Pockwood Pond Power Plant and Delta Gas Station.

It was further stated that road works associated with this project are expected to continue until approximately30 April 2016, and are being done by K-Line International and their sub-contractors Sandwise BVI Limited.

On 6 July, the House of Assembly approved a $35 million loan to aid in financing the Corporation’s Phase V Development. At that time Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool disclosed that the work on the Phase V development of the BVI Electricity Corporation was moving ahead well and that consideration for the Phase VI stage of the development has been made.

In fact the Minister stated: “BVIEC is about ready to do the excavation for the building to house the two new engine blocks; and they are providing space for a third engine block as the demand is expected to be there in the not too distant future. Phase VI of the Corporation’s development is already under review.”

On Monday 23 March, the promised Phase V of the BVI Electricity Corporation (BVIEC) Power Development Plan commenced with a well attended ground-breaking ceremony at the Pockwood Pond Power Station.

The British Virgin Islands Electricity Corporation Ordinance No. 7 of 1978 was legislated to provide for the establishment of a Statutory Corporation, known as the British Virgin Islands Electricity Corporation. This Ordinance came into effect in January of 1979. The Government of the British Virgin Islands is the sole shareholder of BVIEC which is under the portfolio of the Ministry of Communication and Works. Serving approximately 15,250 customers the end of July 2011, the company meets the territory’s peak demand of approximately 32 MW from eleven (11) of its own diesel fired generators which have an installed capacity of approximately 44 MW.

The major functions of the Corporation are the generation, transmission, supply, distribution and sale of electricity throughout the British Virgin Islands.

The Corporation is made up of a Chairman, four ordinary members and two Ex-officio, members all appointed by the Cabinet.