Elections Supervisor Recommends Fixed Date


Similar to the United States of America it is believed that the British Virgin Islands should have a fixed election date.

The recommendation for a specified election date was made by Supervisor of Elections, Mrs. Juliette Penn in the report from the 2015 General Elections report which was tabled during the 18 April sitting of the House of Assembly.

Ms. Penn noted some of the reasons: “Fixed time for elections — this would help the voting public in making some educated decisions regarding travel etc.”

A similar recommendation was also made in the report from the Commonwealth Election Observer Mission following the 8 June 2015 General Elections.

In its report the Observer Mission advised that the Territory explore implementing fixed-term parliament, which would essentially prearrange the elections cycle.

“This would in turn allow all parties and candidates, as well as those involved in the administration of an election, the appropriate time and awareness to prepare accordingly.” the report said.

“This would also ensure that the electorate could plan any business or leisure trips out of the country at a time that would not conflict with an election date,” the document added.