Election Workers Training To Commence In Autumn


Scouting for polling stations and training for 2019 elections officials will be commencing before year end Acting Permanent Secretary, Deputy Governor‟s Office Carolyn Stoutt-Igwe announced.

The Acting Permanent Secretary mentioned that plans for the next general elections which are constitutionally due in 2019 will be commencing shortly. During her appearance before the Standing Finance Committee Stoutt-Igwe stated that work is ongoing to update database to ensure that the staff complement is in place.

Stoutt-Igwe told legislators that the plan is to commence training of election workers before the year comes to an end. Meanwhile she said that scouting has already began to identify new polling stations within the districts.

Additionally, the Acting Permanent Secretary disclosed that the Elections Office will be updating its communications strategy in order to implement the voter registration ID cards and will commence giving the cards out later in the year.

Legislation framework is also in the pipeline as Stoutt-Igwe noted that the Office is hopeful that it would be able to have a consolidated Act that includes all of the recommended amendments from the 2011 and 2015 General Elections by the end of the year.

Further she told the Committee that it is very important that all staff and workers be well versed in the Elections Act ahead of the scheduled General Elections.