Eileen Parsons Aims At “Poisonous Apples”


“Take off your jackets, get down there and deal with those two poisonous apples off the same Manchineel tree,” Former Legislator, Hon. Eileen L. Parsons told the members of the National Democratic Party during the 1st December edition of the NDP Radio Program.

Ms Parsons did not identify who the two ‘poisonous apples’ were, but she did state that they were telling lies about the current Government. In her warning to the panel that included all of the Government Ministers except Premier, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith (who was away on business), Hon. Parsons said that a lie told repeatedly begins to sound like the truth and reminded the Ministers that politics is a serious game.

The former Legislator said: “Remember, politics is not a gentleman’s game; politics is a rough and tumble. You all are in a rough and tumble. Take off your jackets and get down there and deal with those two poisonous apples off the same Manchineel tree.”

She reproached her former colleagues for being quiet about the work they have been doing, while things are being said, and she attributed the situation to ineffective use of public relations resources they have: “You all are not putting out the things you are doing often enough. You all have PR persons; you all have GIS; why in the name of God you don’t make use of it,” Mrs. Parsons asked the panel.

According to Hon. Parsons there are announcements about proposals for housing projects by Government opposition and she said that although something was done by the NDP to assist Virgin Islanders in the housing area this initiative was one that was not properly promoted.

While giving other examples, Hon. Parsons said: “There are so many things you fellows are doing that are positive, but nobody knows about it. You all do not spread the story; you all are not selling yourselves enough; and I am telling you what is being told to me on a daily basis.”