Edwin, Premier Fahie, win King of the Court 3 point crowns


Veteran Jason Edwin prepares to release a 3-Point shot en route to winning the competition

By “Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway 

Veteran Jason Edwin and Premier Andrew Fahie, won the inaugural King of the Court 3-Point and King of the Court Celebrity 3-Point competition on Saturday night at the Multipurpose Sports Complex. 

Edwin who bested Shamoii “Sham” Dagou with 16 points in the final, emerged the champ after D’Mari Parillon and Khalique Brewley were eliminated in the first round and Ray Victor—who promised to retire him—and Jevon Demming, went out in the semifinal.

“This one means a lot,” Edwin told Island Sun Sports. “The interview you did with Ray, telling me he’s going to put me into retirement, I guess I’ll have to stay around a little longer until someone comes to put me into retirement. But it was a good event. Thanks to the organizers, a lot of supporters came out, the Ministers came out. Basketball is back.”

After taking the lead in the semis with 11 points, Edwin immediately stopped shooting with six balls left. He said it was a strategy to conserve energy for the final and it paid off. He added that it was a lot of pressure in such an event. He advised players not to put too much pressure on themselves.

“The elements alone are enough,” he noted. “The ball is round and anything can happen. Just come out, concentrate on the rack and getting your shots up the way you practiced. The event alone is pressure in itself.”

Edwin, who played with St. Louis University and Kent State in College, show up for the competition early and took many shots. He said the preparation was important to come out and get a good warmup, a good feel for the ball since it was a different environment to shooting outdoors with the lights.

“I always tell young guys, when the light’s are on, it’s a different outcome,” he said. “It was important to come out early—even during the rounds I wasn’t sitting down. I got up and kept the body warm—so all those things I learned along the way helped me to the victory.”

Premier Fahie needed sudden death to get past Deputy Governor David Archer for the celebrity crown, after besting his colleagues Hons Kye Rymer, Neville “Sheep” Smith, Dr. Natalio Wheatley, Opposition Leader Marlon Penn and Melvin “Mitch” Turnbull, among others.   

“This was an awesome event when the young, the old, the celebrities came out, but I’ve been playing ball for so many years, it’s like riding a bike for me,” the Premier told Island Sun Sports. “You come back and keep your form and stay true to your form and pulled out a victory. But everybody did well. I was just awesome.”

Steve Parilllon one of the event organizers, thanked God for how the event went and said it was better than his group envisioned when they came together and it ended with a successful championship, including the HOA Members impromptu 3 on 3 game.

“The crowd support was really great and I want to thank everyone that came out,” Parillon said. “We had some issues with the air conditioning in the gym but people stuck with it. I think this was the first sporting event since the COVID-19 lockdown and this is something that was needed.” 

Parillon said the future of this competition is to host the inter Caribbean Kings of the Court shootout.