Education Minister Working Hard To Boost Culture Week


A grander Culture Week celebration is already being planned for 2017. Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn lauded this year’s celebration but announced that he wants the event to be even better: “we look forward to celebrating on a greater scale, by asking more private sector partners and government departments to join us as we celebrate,” the Minister said.

Hon. Walwyn announced that under his Ministry Government will be setting up a committee with the objective of finding a greater opportunity to support and promote this week next year. “We hope to create a society where as Virgin Islanders we have sound confidence in who we are and we appreciate and live our most sacred values, respect for God, hard work, honesty, humility and devotion to this Territory,” the Education Minister disclosed.

The Education Minister explained that the soon to be formed Committee will build on work that commenced previously to build territorial pride: “Over the recent years we have worked extremely hard to awaken in all Virgin Islanders a sense of real and tangible pride. We have developed institutions such as our Territorial song, wear, signs and symbols, as well as our flag raising ceremony and making strategic monetary investment in cultural activities.”

“Our hope is on each Friday of Culture and Heritage Week, see our town with residents beautifully dressed in our Territorial wear and the restaurants and shops selling more Virgin Islands food and craft items.  As we are also at the beginning of our tourism season, this can also serve as an opportunity to open the season in style, showcasing Virgin Islands pride,” he added.