Education & Culture Minister talks about 50th Virgin Gorda Easter Festival plans


Plans are already being made for the 50th Virgin Gorda Easter Festival which is scheduled for 2017.  The announcement came from Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn during the opening of the 48th Festival activities on 4 April.

Hon. Walwyn said that he will have a discussion with the Executive Committee of Virgin Islands Festivals and Fairs to consider, among other things, extending the Easter festivities for the 50th celebration.

The Minister said: “I propose that Easter Festival be extended from three to five days in celebration of the golden jubilee. To further make this 50th Anniversary special, we will encourage troupes from Tortola and the greater Virgin Islands to support the Virgin Gorda Parade as we put on a grand cultural display.”

It was announced that heavy publicity and promotions would be implemented for the grand celebration. In fact, Hon. Walwyn announced: “In order to ensure that visitors to Virgin Gorda and our Virgin Gordians living abroad also know about this grand celebration, every effort will be made to promote the 50th anniversary celebrations very early.”
On a separate note, the Culture Minister stated that he has heard the debate waging in the community about the time when the event is held each year, and he said that the wish of the community will prevail: “I know that there have been calls from some persons in the Territory to change the time when these festivities are held and I understand their rationale, but this decision will have to be made by the Virgin Gorda community and I will be guided by their decision as their servant,” Hon. Walwyn said.

Honouree of the 2015 VG Festival Village and Ninth District Representative, Hon. Ralph T. O’Neal reminisced on how the event began, and commented on how the event grew over the years: “This is the 48th Festival and from what I know about this, the Methodist Church had a hand in this…It started out small, but continued to grow. I was surprised to see how large this thing is now,” Hon. O’Neal said.