Ebenezer Thomas Overhauls Robinson O’Neal 11-6 In Primary School Softball

Robinson O'Neal and Ebenezer Thomas Primary Schools softball teams following Saturday's game

Robinson O’Neal and Ebenezer Thomas Primary Schools softball teams following Saturday’s game

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaay

The Department of Youth Affairs and Sports Primary Schools Tournament ended on Saturday at the E. Walwyn Brewely Softball Park, with Ebenezer Thomas toppling Virgin Gorda’s Robinson O’Neal 11-6.

Robinson O’Neal who advanced to meet Ebenezer Thomas after overpowering Bregado Flax, 16-10 on Wednesday, came up with four runs in the bottom of the second for a 5-2 lead, before Ebenezer Thomas batted around in the third, scored eight times for a 10-5 lead then added one more run to win.

“This game was a really challenging game for the first two innings and we thought we actually were going to be down for this one, but, I got my team together and we said team, we’re going to go and we’re gonna come back and we’re going to win,” Ebenezer Thomas’ Coach Iesha Forbes said after Robinson O’Neal toolka 5-2 lead. “We came back and won 11-6. I think Robinson O’Neal came out and played really, really well. It’s just that my team got serous after Robinson O’Neal took the lead.”

Robinson O’Neal’s coach Akima Powell said she though both teams played well and it was an intense game.

“Good job to Ebenezer Thomas as well as my students,” she said. “We’re just learning to play softball and we’re actually learning the rules of the game, how its run and the importance of being cognizant on the field as well as knowing whom to throw the ball to, instead of throwing the ball without thinking of it first.”

Terry “Chino” Chinnery of the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports said it was a good game.

“I wish we had more time to really finish it, because Robinson O’Neal has to return to Virgin Gorda by boat, but, the teams played really well,” he said. “I’m looking forward to next season when we can really upgrade the talent, get them more gloves so that they can practice so that they can be more competitive than they were. But, they were competitive and we look forward to next year.”