East End Shameful & Unhealthy Sewerage Problems Continue


Junior Minister for Trade and Investment, and Eighth District Representative, Hon. Marlon Penn informed the House of Assembly on 28 February that the sewerage flowing issues in his District has escalated and it is imperative that the situation is rectified soon.

Hon. Penn explained that the issue was at one point confined to the area of Greenland and Long Look, but now it is affecting many other parts of the District, and he begged the Minister for Communications and Works Hon. Mark Vanterpool and Premier and Minister for Finance Dr. D. Orlando Smith to do something to alleviate the situation.

The Representative who noted that the problem had now become so serious that he even suggested that a loan be taken to fund to works to stop to sewerage issue. He noted that the unhealthy situation has now become a volcano.

“We now have a volcano that erupts… by the police station. We can’t continue to live like this, our people deserve better than this…We need to complete this project. This project cannot continue another year without completion,” Hon. Penn explained.

The Eighth District Representative further told his colleagues that in Parham Town sewerage is now running in the Ghut, and the stench is affecting residents. The Legislator noted that the situation has resulted in constant complaints from his constituents. In fact he announced that he has to hear the cries of the residents in the area every day.

“I am not getting any peace, I can’t eat my doctor fish in peace. I have to hear about sewerage, sewerage…We have to do something Premier…Minister we get along very well but you will hear my mouth everyday about sewerage in East End…Our people don’t deserve this,” Hon. Penn said.