Dreams Come True: Says Bvi Olympian


“It is honestly a dream come true, my first Olympic,” Ashley Kelly told members of the media during a press briefing on 22 June when she was announced the new FLOW ambassador.

BVI Olympic team member Kelly qualified for the summer Olympic Games in Rio back in March, and during the press conference on Wednesday she told the gathering that she feels like she is living her dreams this year.

“This year, 2016, I completed my Masters from the New York University and I also qualified for the summer Olympic Games, so to say that I am living my dreams might be a little cliché to say but I am honestly living out things that I saw myself doing when I was a child.”

Excitement is the emotion that Kelly says fills her as she considers that her childhood dream is becoming a reality: “I am very excited, I have been very excited from the day I found out (qualified for Olympics) – my mother can attest to that I was crying on the phone – like oh my God I am going, I am going. I feel like I am that little girl again, I am really excited about it I am really excited about the opportunity, and I am just happy to be here right now.”

She added: “I think when I get there and I am walking the ceremony then I am like …I’ll be a little girl again …it is honestly a dream come true my first Olympic, hopefully I’ll have another one…I am glad that I will be able to represent my country at this stage.”

The athlete paid tribute to her late grandmother Gretel Stoutt who never wavered in her belief that Kelly would, one day, make it to the Olympics: “She really believed in me and believed that I could be an Olympian when I didn’t believe in myself,” Kelly said.

With days to go before the Olympic ceremony Kelly says that she is hammering in some final preparation for the Games: “I am starting some races, and really looking forward to some races especially the Olympic Championships which are being held here in the BVI 2 and 3 July.

She also acknowledged the support of her parents, the BVI Olympic Committee and the BVI Athletics Association. Kelly said that that being a FLOW ambassador will provide additional support in her preparation for the games.

“I am excited to be part of the FLOW team as the newest brand ambassador, I know a number of the athletes that are heading to the games are also FLOW ambassadors and it’s just really great to have this opportunity and the support from FLOW,” she added.

Managing Director of FLOW BVI, Tim Ringsdore announced that FLOW is delighted to be able to support Ashley in her quest for the Olympic Games, and noted that her achievement is commendable.

“As you know FLOW is a big supporter of the community in many ways — sports is one of our key areas where we like to support people who are supporting their country. We are delighted that Ashley is competing and we are delighted that we are able to give her the financial support to allow her to put in the best possible training ahead of time, and give her the best possible opportunity,” Ringsdore said.

“This really is about our corporate responsibility to support local people in their quest to achieve what they aim for from a very young age. It’s so good to be part of something that Ashley has tried to do from a young age, now she’s achieved it and we’re just pleased to be able to support her in that way,” the FLOW Managing Director added.