Dream Team, Vixens sweep men, women’s Frandie Martin Volleyball titles

Canice Marquis, left, Dream Team and Daniella Selkridge, Vixens, were the MVPs

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Dream Team players banned together, won one for their fallen teammate Frandie Martin Jr., and claimed the Virgin Islands Volleyball Association Memorial Tournament named in his honor, with a straight sets 25-17, 25-22 and 25-20 victory over the Hawks on Saturday night.  

“We put this team together on behalf of our boy Frandie Martin, and this victory here is dedicated to him,” Dream Team Captain and MVP Canice Marquis, told Island Sun Sports. “To be honest, we really miss him. He was a special type of guy. He brought a different type of energy whenever he walked into this gym, so we really missed him. We still did this for him and we just hope he’s proud of us.”

For more than 25 years, setter Osbert “Cushung” Pole played with Martin Jr., to his right on the court, starting with the BVI High School team then Terminators for over 25 years as well as on the national team. They have won multiple championships together.

“This is the first time I’ve ever been on a court in a league game without Frandie next to me and it’s really emotional because I’ve never been on a team without Frandie,” Pole reflected. “It was kinda difficult when you’re looking across on your right shoulder, that man isn’t there—something I did for 25, almost 30 years and that one man isn’t there. They asked me to come out and play and the team won the championship for Frandie.  No 4 Frandie gonna live on forever. One of the best hitters, defensive players, middle man in the BVI. Frandie Martin Jr. My brethren. My boy. Kudos to Frandie.”

In the game, the Hawks struggled returning Marquis’ serves at times. “It’s a lot of hard work I put in and now the hard work pays off,” he said.

Vixens sweep Phoenix

MVP Daniella Selkridge mixed her arsenal of dinks, spikes, blocks and serves, in leading Vixens to a 3-0, 25-9, 25-15 and 25-12 shredding of Phoenix for the women’s division crown.

“This means a lot because you come out here every weekend, you try to play your hardest and you try to win and so we won,” Selkridge told Island Sun Sports. “It means a lot to us to have our efforts be fruitful.”

Selkridge said she always gets excited when it’s a big game and she becomes focused and wants to win, therefore, once it’s a big game, she shows up.

“They had some hands up and weren’t blocking cross, they were mostly blocking middle and once I hit either side, for the most part, I felt it was a point,” she said. “They focused on me but in the end, I was still able to pull out some hits.”

Selkridge said Valissa Brathwaite always steps up to the plate and she was able to get hits because her passing was on. “Once I can depend on Val, in the backcourt to pass the ball, I can do my job up front,” she said. “When I’m in the backcourt, she takes the helm and gets the kills. You can never be a good hitter without a good setter, but everybody worked their part to make this a win for us.”

Setter and Captain Ladonna Woodley, said their attack, service and defense improved and she was especially pleased with Renette Jennings and Javlyn Frett. “For me, this means a lot because this might be my last volleyball game,” she said, citing health complications. “So it means a lot to have won it.”

League awards. Female; Most Aces: Henrietta Alexander, Raw Power, 18. Valissa Brathwaite, Vixens, 17. Male: Akeem Robinson, Guns 4 Life, 8. Canice Marquis, Dream Team, 6. Most BlocksFemale: Daniella Selkridge, Vixens, 18. Maria Drigo, Raw Power, 9.  Male: Jose Ramirez, Go Hard, 18.  Diorys “Migo” Joseph, Go Hard, 14. Most Kills. Female: Valissa Brathwaite, Vixens, 44. Daniella Selkridge, Vixens, 40. Male: Canice Marquis, Dream Team, 37. Diorys “Migo” Joseph, Go Hard, 34. Most DigsFemale: Kiah Walters, Black Ops, 64. Soraya Durante, Black Ops, 57. Male: Akeem Robinso, Guns 4 Life, 47. Jose Ramirez, Go Hard, 43. Best Setter. Female: Ladonna Woodley, Vixens. Male: Ricky Singh, Dream Team. MVP. Female: Daniella Selkridge, Vixens. Male: Canice Marquis, Dream Team.