Dr. The Hon. K. Pickering Seeks Re-Election


For months Seventh District Representative, Dr. the Hon. Kedrick Pickering has been silent on whether or not he will be contesting the 25 February general elections and now he finally confirmed that he intends to seek reelection. However, since the National Democratic Party of which Hon. Pickering has always been a part has already declared a Seventh District candidate it is clear that Hon. Pickering will not be running under the party’s banner.

The big announcement was made during the Private Members Business segment of the 23 January sitting during which Dr. Pickering announced that he did not intend to dive too deep into his decision to seek reelection: “I am not going to give any political speech here about achievements and non achievements; there is a time for that and I will take care of that in due time.”

In making his position clear Hon. Pickering told the House: “I am running for election, I intend to be back here, I will do what is necessary to make that happen and I will diligently continue to work to do my best for both my community and this country. Whatever position or place I find myself in I will give it my best shot.”

Following the June internal NDP elections there has been exodus from the NDP with even a sitting Minister leaving along with other party member, and questions about whether Hon. Pickering was going to be leaving began to circulate. However, it was suggested that Hon. Pickering was not going to leave the Premier’s side, a point that Dr. Pickering alluded to in the House last Wednesday.

While speaking fondly of Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith who announced last year that he was retiring from politics Hon. Pickering said: “To know the man and to be so close to him and we’ve now come to the end of this road that we journey together over the years, it’s surreal. I am sure we will find other ways to work together, but it is the end of a journey.”

“To have had the opportunity to work so close with such a distinguished and dignified individual who has imparted much to me and to say at this point in time congratulations Dr. Smith on your achievement and I look forward to us continuing our relationship over the years and I think my loyalty to you over the years speaks volumes and I will leave it at that,”  Dr. Pickering added.