Dr. Paul and Evander Holyfield visit BVI


Evangelist Dr. Kilari Anand Paul who was one of the initial endorsers of United States President Donald Trump during his bid for presidency told members of the BVI media on Monday that he intends to solicit President Trump’s assistance on the Territory’s behalf.

Members of the media were able to speak to Dr. Paul who accompanied former heavyweight boxer Evander Holyfield during his four day visit to the Territory.

Dr. Paul who is the President of Global Peace Initiative told members of the media that he was touched by the devastation caused by the hurricanes and wants to help. He said that he invited Holyfield to accompany him because he knows that the former Heavyweight title holder has high regard for the Territory.

“Evander Holyfield, he is in love, we are in love with the BVI. People have been so loving, friendly, hospitable, I don’t have enough words to say. All I can say is love help us, unite us, and bring us together to all our efforts, especially the investors.”

While noting the recent destructions that were caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria Dr. Paul said that it was a sad occurrence. “It is heartbreaking to see how the world has forgotten, and heartbreaking to see how much reconstruction efforts need to be taking place, that’s the reason why we are here mainly.”

He however mentioned that the BVI is far ahead in its rebuilding efforts in comparison to other Caribbean islands that were also affected: “If you compare the US Puerto Rico, still people have no much electricity, devastated, people committing suicide. I was talking to Brother Gerard Farara [Gerard St C. Farara, QC] yesterday and I said wow, almost 80/90 percent of the people getting electricity back, which is most important, having water back which is most important, and of course the roads and the house will take time to reconstruct.”

The President of the Global Initiative further suggested that he may be able to assist the BVI in its fundraising efforts: “Cash rules in all matters. Where there is no money it is hard to rebuild an island like this, that has been damaged so badly, houses and roads and buildings and offices and even after four months there is still lots more needed to be done…I will be speaking to President Trump also, I am on his advisory team since 2002 and I will be speaking to other people that I know with the help of the Premier and his office,” he pointed out.

Part of Dr. Paul’s plan to assist in the fundraising efforts for the BVI is the hosting of a global leaders summit. These summits are well attended whenever they are held.

 “Our goal is to conduct future summits like we have done for the last 35 years in the US and around the world. In Nigeria we had 54 presidents, in Sudan we had 39 presidents brought, in India 2015 we had 44 presidents. We want presidents, prime ministers, billionaires, donors, investors, leaders to do the summits here,” Dr Paul said.

In his bid to sell the idea of the summit Dr. Paul explained that he has invited Premier Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith to India for a global peace rally that is being held on April 14 and 15.

However, Premier Smith in his response did not indicate or confirm government’s consideration of the invitation to visit India or host the summit. Instead Premier Smith expressed appreciation that Mr. Holyfield and Dr. Paul visited. “I know that these gentlemen are very concerned about what is happening in the BVI and I know as a result of their visit, there will be more interest internationally on what can be done to assist people in the BVI,” the Premier said.

“We need all the assistance that we can get apart from the loans and grants from the UK and other places. We need the international community to work with us towards recovery,” Hon. Smith added.