Dr. o’Neal Plans To Attract The Rich & The Famous To Virgin Gorda & Anegada


A strategy to attract high-end visitors to Virgin Gorda was included in the plan that was outlined by National Democratic Party (NDP) Ninth District Candidate, Dr. Hubert O’Neal during his campaign address in Virgin Gorda on 13 May.

The 2015 election will be the fifth time that Mr. O’Neal, who is a founding member of the NDP has campaigned to become the Ninth District Representative and that point was not lost in the rally that was held on Wednesday night. During the meeting the candidate and members of the Party repeated the point that this was Mr. O’Neal’s fifth try.

Mr. O’Neal told the crowd: “I have come a long way. I have come again for the fifth time, that’s got to be the magic number, seeking your support to serve you with good representation…Most persons would have already given up after two attempts, but not me. My love for my people and my district and my recognition of their unrealised potential keep the passion burning in my spirit. ”

The NDP Candidate also addressed the fact that many are striving to become the Ninth District Representative, but he announced that actions speak louder than words: “There are many who are coming to you now that Mr. O’Neal [Hon. Ralph O’Neal] has retired with their promises to fix all of your challenges. These challenges are not new; they did not occur during the NDP administration. Where was their advocacy?..I have been advocating on your behalf time after time.”

He elaborated by stating: “Many have suddenly surfaced promising to turn your night into day, promising to take your sufferings away, promising to roll your dark clouds away, but when it comes to doing, they are either afraid of their past or have no past at all. Remind them that actions speak louder than words and you won’t be deceived by fancy talkers.”

Noting that tourism is a major part of the Ninth District economic contribution, Hon. O’Neal shared his plans to increase tourist arrival in that District: “As a member of the National Democratic Party government, I will add value to Virgin Gorda and Anegada by developing golf courses at the South Sound on Virgin Gorda and on Anegada. This added feature will attract high-end tourists to our islands year round. Well known golfers playing major tournaments will create employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for Virgin Gordians and Anegadians.”