43-year-old Victor Pinedo Santos who hails from the Dominican Republic was ordered to leave the British Virgin Islands by His Excellency Governor Augustus Jaspert. The Governor’s command that Santos stay outof the Territory was made in a deportation order dated 18 October.

Santos was arrested and charged in February for “giving false information” to a public officer. This is the main reason why he was deported. In the Order His Excellency said that it has come to his attention that Victor Pinedo-Santos is a person not deemed to belong to the Territory and that the said Victor Pinedo-Santos has been convicted of the offence of providing false information to a person employed in the Public Service.

The Governor noted that the offence Pinedo-Santos committed is punishable with imprisonment of three months or more. And accordingly His Excellency concluded that Pinedo-Santos is a person whose presence in the Territory would not be conducive to public good.

Governor Jaspert said that the order was made in consultation with the Chief Immigration Officer where it was noted that his presence in the BVI would be undesirable.

Therefore, the Governor in exercise of his power ordered that Pinedo-Santos leave the Territory of the Virgin Islands on or before the expiration of seven days from the date on which a copy of the Order was served on him by and officer.

The deportation order was issued in accordance with section 40(1)(b) of the Immigration and Passport Ordinance (Cap. 130) which states that if at any time after a person, other than a person deemed to belong to the Territory, has landed in the Territory it shall come to the knowledge of the Governor that the person has been convicted of an offence against the said Ordinance, or of any other offence within the Territory punishable with imprisonment for three months or more, the Governor may make an Order requiring the person to leave the Territory within the time fixed by the Order; and thereafter to remain out of the Territory.