Richardson Gonzales Baez the 31-year-old Dominican Republic national that attempted to gain entry into the Territory in March this year by using a fake Guadeloupe passport was ordered deported from the BVI by His Excellency Governor Augustus Jaspert on 5 December.

Gonzales Baez presented a falsified passport to Immigration officials at the Terrence B Lettsome Airport and as a result was charged with uttering forged documents, possession of a forged visa and giving false information to a person in public office on 7 March.

The information during the man’s arrest stated that he presented a French passport that had discrepancies to Immigration officers at the airport. It was explained that the passport number was positioned wrong, the country of issue was misspelled, and Gonzales Baez was listed as female.

A search by Immigration officers of his possession also yielded another passport that contained a BVI visa that featured a signature that did not match any Civil Registry staff.

In issuing the deportation order His Excellency  said “Gonzalez Baez has been convicted of the offences of providing false information to a person employed in the Public Service, uttering a false document and possession of a false document which are punishable with imprisonment of three months or more; and, is a person whose presence in the Territory would, in the opinion of the Governor, acting after consultation with the Chief Immigration Officer, be undesirable and not conducive to the public good.”

Therefore, the Governor ordered that Gonzalez Baez leave the Territory and stay out of the BVI.