Domestic Violence Convict Deported


His Excellency Governor Augustus Jaspert issued a deportation order for Samuel James who was found guilty of wounding his wife and sentenced to 12 years in prison.

In the order which was gazetted on 26 April the Governor stated that James does not belong to the Territory and is a person whose presence in the Territory would in the opinion of the Governor and the Chief Immigration Officer be undesirable and not conducive to the public good; therefore, the Governor ordered that Samuel leave the Territory and thereafter remain out of the Territory.

Case Involving James

On 28 March 2012 Justice Rita Olivetti sentenced James and ordered that his wife and children get counselling from the Social Development Department. Justice Olivetti opined that it appeared that James had not accepted responsibility for his action judging from his statement that he “found himself” in the situation.

At the sentencing hearing on 28 March Crown Counsel Leslie-Ann Faulkner informed the court that the virtual complainant (VC) Loretta James spent days in the hospital and received blood transfusions as a result of the injuries she suffered at the hands of her husband.

The complainant allegedly suffered loss of sensation in her tongue after the incident and communicated that she did not feel safe, was very afraid, paranoid, and had difficulties sleeping at night.

The Crown said it had been reported that the VC said the defendant contacted her from Her Majesty’s Prison.  The incident was allegedly reported to prison authorities who subsequently found a mobile phone in James’s cell.

Faulkner told the court that the find of the phone and the report of the call raised the question of the complainant’s safety. She said the complainant said she knows the defendant is in prison, but explained that she knows that he would not always be there. It was further noted that the phone call was threatening and allegedly showed a propensity for re-offending.

The defendant, in his address to the court, said he had been suffering a lot following the incident. He said it had not been an easy situation considering that he grew up in a Christian home.

 “I am not just standing here and talking because I can talk; with me in prison my children are going to be the ones to suffer in all ways. I want to plead with you your worship to give me a chance to be the good father I used to be. I have no doubt to heal the wounds between me and my children would take time but it would happen,” he said.

Speaking on her client’s behalf, Corrine George told the court James had shown remorse and had been suffering himself as his wife and children had gone through a great deal.