“Do Not Waste Time” On NDP And VIP: Hon. Fraser


Chairman of the Progressive United Party (PUP), and incumbent Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser told his constituents to disregard both of his two opponents as he stated that neither the VIP or NDP candidate can adequately represent the District.

Hon. Fraser started his 9February address to the District by denouncing the fact that it was being said that he was afraid and staying quiet: “Those folks out there have been running around, running wild, some say I am being quiet and some say I am scared. Some say all kind of things about me – after 20 years I am scared, something wrong with that — it aint me.”

In pointing out what he described as flaws in the proposed leadership of his opponents, Hon. Fraser  – while not mentioning specific names – said that neither of the two opponents were right for the job.

The incumbent representative accused the National Democratic Party candidate of telling untruths to the people of the Third. He said: “With regards to the NDP candidate – you know when you got luxury you could opt to exercise it. To my good NDP friend, he left the Territory shortly after Irma then he had the nerve to say that he didn’t see me because I was running around with a Wrangler while he was walking the streets…”

“I do have access to two Wranglers, but listen to this – the truth is something it is so powerful you must know it in order to tell it – one Wrangler I can’t find the roof, so you could imagine me going around with a Wrangler without a roof so that’s lie number one. The other Wrangler got blocked in the garage, there was a tree that fell off the road and ended up piercing through the door I couldn’t get it out. So I was going around for two months in a rental,” Hon. Fraser explained.

In further stating that the candidate did not tell the truth Hon. Fraser said: “You know what they say, if you don’t know what you are looking for how you will know when you find it. You must know what you qre looking for. You looking for Julian Fraser the representative not a Wrangler, besides who needed to see me saw me: the people.”

Hon. Fraser said that the VIP opponent is not well known: “My Virgin Islands Party friend – now this is a person I am sure you don’t know who they are – do you? don’t be afraid to say. I put out a call after hurricane Irma for help to distribute food in the community center…the call was out many times – where were you. You could have come, help us distribute the food when the people need you. They don’t need you now. That’s when they need you.”

“As far as the two parties are concerned please don’t waste your time trying to put the NDP back in and the VIP is just as bad,” he said.

Hon. Fraser stressed to his constituents that he did not go missing following the hurricanes: “I was the guy on the ground. I was the guy in the swamp up in that community center, leaky roof, flooded floor on pallet distributing food. When I came to hurricane Irma, I take a backseat to no one when it comes to looking out for my people. I have teams out there teaming up, that’s boots on the ground – people out there cleaning the place up, excavators, backhoes, trucks. Aint nobody gonna take me to task for the work that I’ve done it. It’s an obligation of mine.”