DMV & Police To Address Motorcycles Anarchy


Kye Rymer Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) said in a 13 February interview that his Department will be targeting scooter riders for more educational campaigns this year. The Commissioner, who admitted that efforts made in the past to educate this group of motorists produced some results, said that he still believes that more can be achieved.

Young scooter riders in recent years have been involved in traffic issues to the point where a section of the community has been calling for stricter means of dealing with the riders who some feel have cavalier attitudes to traffic laws.

From the DMV’s perspective more education is necessary. In fact Rymer said: “Education is important to the Department. We want to promote and highlight road and driver safety. We would highlight motor cycle education. We want to continue into the schools and to educate the young and potential scooter riders about the dangers and the effects of riding a motorcycle or a scooter.”

However, while the DMV is taking a softer approach to the problem the RVIPF which bears the brunt of the public’s frustration on the scooters anarchy is pushing a disciplinary approach.

Commissioner of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force Michael Matthews while speaking to reporters on 29 January noted that the scooter riders are especially notorious and that the Force is now exercising zero tolerance in dealing with the riders of scooters caught breaking the laws: “The message is very clear, a scooter is an expensive investment, particularly for a young person, but you know what? If you are going to break the law and ride around without a helmet or ride around recklessly, no licence, no insurance, and we catch you and we are catching you, we are going to seize the scooter and the direction I am giving is send them and scrap them”.

“Take them down at a wrecker and have the scooters crushed up because people got to learn that there are laws in the Territory despite what happened, because we all know a lot of these people were breaching the traffic laws of this Territory long before the hurricanes came.”

 In further making this point the Commissioner said that his job is to enforce the law and he pointed out that the Governor or the Government did not make a policy of flexibility in the traffic enforcement regard. Therefore he said that the RVIPF will “continue to prosecute.”