Disorderly Developments at Josiah’s and Spooners Get Attention


The Town and Country Planning Department is stressing the need for property development guidelines on Tortola, specifically at Josiah’s Bay and Spooners Estate.
The call was made in a report that was tabled at the House of Assembly this year.
The document explained that the guidelines are necessary because there are a number of properties being subdivided on Tortola without specification of type of access proposed and developed.

As a remedy to the situation Town and Country Planning Department along with key governmental stake holders and land owners embarked on a project to draft a set of guidelines that will help streamline the design process.

According to the Department’s report one of the main purpose of the project is to draft a set of guidelines that will streamline the design process, and implement a road network to guide surveyors, and agents submitting subdivision plans to Josiah’s Bay.

In Spooners Estate, the Department complained that the areas surrounding the Government land are being developed at a fast rate, and that some aspects of the development drew the attention of members of the Planning Authority. In fact, the report disclosed that the concerns among other things stem from the fact that applications are being submitted to Town and Country for oversized buildings on small lots. Therefore it was announced that planning guidelines were put in place to govern these issues. The policy limits the number of units in relation to the size of the individual properties.