Dion Jennings Has a Vision For District 6


Mr. Dion Jennings, the Independent Candidate contesting the general elections for the Sixth District announced that he has a vision for the District that includes establishing a long needed secondary road out of Baugher’s Bay

The candidate’s vision also features the development of a town center to create economic opportunity for the community along with an upgraded marine village, where fishermen and citizens can utilize and enjoy the District’s waterfront.

The candidate believes that there needs to be repairs and upgrades of District infrastructure, and  he will create job opportunities for business owners and youths.

“I will work on the development of the District road network to continue for land owners to get access to their land and make it easier for them to develop their property, thus creating economic opportunity for all.  (I will)  create a management team for all district public facility. Address the sewerage and water situation throughout the Sixth District. Make the 6th District more family friendly with community activities for the youth,” he announced.

The independent candidate said that he has worked with both the VIP and NDP administrations, and will continue to work with any government that is in the best interest of the Sixth District.