Digicel Proves Its Dependability


Kevin Gordon the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Digicel BVI lauded his company for providing consistent service during the recent hurricanes. He also stressed that Digicel is not in the habit of having a nice store and poor service.

The CEO who was speaking to reporters last week during the reopening of its flagship store boasted of Digicel’s service. Gordon said: “We have proven ourselves through all the storms. I want to say that we are Irma tested and Maria proven and all the storms prior to Maria and Irma we have shown our customers that we are not just here, but we are here to deliver so if you need an experience that is reliable you need to come to Digicel.”

“In the storm we had at least eight persons in our office, and we were here to ensure that the customers kept connected. So we had customers connecting to our network right through the hurricane. We had customers posting, and those posts went directly to CNN right through the hurricane. We want to say and we have also heard from our customers that we are most reliable network, and again that is what we want to portray — the most reliable the most secure network on the island,” he added.

Gordon explained that Digicel went to great lengths to maintain the level of service that he now boasts of: “What we have done after hurricane Irma is ensure that we brought the resource in, because we are interested in keeping everybody connected. So we have sites from east to west, north and south and we did not leave out Anegada, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke — these people need service too, so we went to those islands and we got those sites up. We rolled in mobile sites, we rolled in persons, and we got those sites up,” he disclosed.

“We are interested in our customers, we are not just interested in rolling out a nice store, we are interested in ensuring that our network stays reliable and stays connected,” the CEO further added.  BRAVO!!!!