Digicel Launches Relief Fund


Telecommunications giant Digicel has created a relief fund to assist those affected in the Territory by the recent flooding. The company which announced the initiative earlier in the week explained that the proceeds will be donated through Family Support Network.

A number of homes in the community were damaged due to the flooding and mudslide that resulted from the 17 inches of rain that fell on 7 August. The situation had wide effects and left even businesses and schools affected.

The Digicel Relief Fund is being funded by the Company’s customers who are invited to use a specially created short code to donate money. The funds raised will then be given to the Family Support Network for distribution.

CEO of Digicel BVI Kevin Gordon exhorted the community to contribute to the fund and in so doing assist those in need of help: “Please give this your best effort, we have a lot of persons displaced in the Territory that need our help.”

Meanwhile Digicel’s Jayne Gray who presented the idea on Facebook explained that the donation will be deducted once the short code 5151 is texted: “$1 per text from your Digicel phone. Postpaid customers will see their donation on their next month’s bill, prepaid customers will have $1 deducted from their credit per text message.”

Ms. Gray also urged customers to extend some patience if the message does not go through at first, as she noted that Digicel is still working on its network after the storm.

Following the flooding the Family Support Network announced that many have reached out to the office for assistance: “The Family Support Network has received a number of calls from the community looking for food and clothing.”