Digicel Launches Its LTE Network

Digicel's General Manager Kevin Gordon, right and his staff following the launch of the LTE network

Digicel’s General Manager Kevin Gordon, right and his staff following the launch of the LTE network

Calling it a ‘game changer’ Digicel’s General Manager Kevin Gordon, launched its LTE network at 10:30 a.m. on Monday, as the company’s investment in its LTE infrastructure and will include the expansion of Digicel’s network with 14 new sites.

The activation of the LTE network is another significant investment by Digicel designed to equip BVI with the most modern world-class communications and entertainment infrastructure and service. Customers in parts of Tortola and Virgin Gorda and will deliver lightning fast LTE, on average up to 10x faster than 4G.

“BVI has been anticipating the launch of Digicel 4G LTE, and we are pleased to present this ‘game changer,’” said Gordon, nothing that they weren’t the first but want to ensure that it was right. “We’re focused on always delivering the most advanced technologies to our customers and the activation of the LTE network in BVI is another significant step in this direction.”

During the press briefing, Gordon said that stores on Tortola and Virgin Gorda are now offering LTE-capable devices. He added that as part of the LTE roll-out, they are pleased to announce our first ever Digicel home solution which offers lightning-fast internet with affordable packages starting from as low as $79 per month. Gordon noted that as an introductory offer, all LTE Home Plan customers will receive a free LTE router, while customers who sign up for our 200GB or Unlimited Plan options will get half off the first two months subscription. Digicel Mobile prepaid and postpaid customers too, can enjoy LTE lightning-fast speeds at no extra charge.

“To back the confidence we have in our new network we are offering a seven-day money back guarantee to any customer who is not satisfied with our LTE service,” Gordon declared. “The BVI’s fastest network just got faster, and we are rapidly increasing the number of Digicel customers experiencing the service, and are committed to updating everyone as we deliver coverage throughout the territory.”

Gordon said that “Digicel prepaid and postpaid customers can access LTE service using an LTE-capable device and SIM card.  Customers are encouraged to visit the nearest Digicel store for assistance.