Digicel Delivers Crucial Building Supplies For BVI Reconstruction


British Virgin Islands: The road to recovery for the BVI took another positive turn today when Digicel delivered on its recent commitment to provide vital building materials for the reconstruction phase of post-Hurricane Irma recovery efforts.

A large donation comprising thousands of bags of cement, several tonnes of steel, sand, gravel and 490 sheets of plywood was handed over to the government of the BVI for distribution to persons in need of help to rebuild or repair their homes.

Chairman of Digicel, Denis O’Brien, saw the urgent need for construction materials during his visit to the island last week and immediately offered to help. He acknowledged that rebuilding quickly is vital to the BVI economy as it restores a level of normalcy that facilitates doing business and creating employment opportunities throughout the country.

Making the handover on the chairman’s behalf, CEO of Digicel BVI, Kevin Gordon, said, “The un-breakable spirit of the people of this great territory continues to shine through as we enter the re-building phase. We are very happy to be working together with affected homeowners to provide immediate and long-term support with putting their lives back together again.” He continued, “Our partnership with the people to rebuild is very important to the role we play to improve lives using more than just technology.”

With more construction materials on the way, Digicel’s overall donation is expected to help a signifi-cant number of homeowners and communities build back better.