Derelict Vehicles Handling Questioned


Government’s decision to sell derelict vehicles following the passage of hurricanes Irma and Maria is becoming a regular complaint in the House of Assembly as the issue was mentioned in the last two sittings.

The most recent complaint was made by Junior Minister for Tourism Hon. Archibald Christian during the sitting of the House on 19 July. Hon. Christian told his colleagues: “A government agency is offering to the public the sale of derelict vehicles. Why is government doing that? What department in government should be selling any derelict vehicles to the public? The advertisement should be saying ‘the government is moving all its derelict vehicles down to Cox Heath for exportation’. Not inviting persons to buy them.”

“If the vehicle can be used and repaired that is a different story, but I know what I heard the advertisement said — derelict vehicles, so in my opinion it has come to the end of its useful life,” the Junior Minister complained.

The matter was also mentioned by Hon. Christian at a previous sitting on 10 July. During that same meeting the point was endorsed by Opposition Member and Third District Representative, Hon. Julian Fraser who complained that the vehicles are causing areas of the Territory to look unsightly.

“I heard the Junior Minister for Tourism get up and say the Government should not be selling derelict vehicles. You know where those derelict vehicles are ending up, on property that is not owned by the people who put them there,” the Third District Representative announced.

Hon. Fraser did not mince words in opining that the sale of derelict vehicles was a bad idea: he declared: “Let us stop encouraging this nonsense. If the vehicles are useless get rid of them because they are going to create a nuisance somewhere else. What is the cost of a government vehicle.”

The Opposition member also announced that the vehicles ending costing government time and energy to remove them from the new storage areas. “I am watching for five vehicles on the road and on people’s property. The people who brought them there don’t own one square foot of the property, and they are there. And I am going to call Solid Waste who is going to put a tag on the back of the vehicle and Solid Waste is going to move the vehicle at Government’s expense.”