Deputy Premier Explains His Globe-Trotting


Deputy Premier and Minister for Natural Resources and Labour Dr. the Hon. Kedrick Pickering took a swipe at those who were critical of the traveling he has done over the last few years. In fact, the Deputy Premier announced that his criticized “globetrotting” was necessary in the fight against climate change of which the Territory is currently experiencing the effects.

During a press conference on Monday the Deputy Premier noted that the BVI like the rest of the region is experiencing the issues relating to El Nino and the Sargassum phenomena, all of which are climate change related.

These unfortunate situations – Hon. Pickering said – are prime examples of why the BVI needs to lend its voice to climate change remedies, and why he has been representing the Territory at various international fora.

Hon. Pickering said: “I have been accused, so to speak, of travelling here there and everywhere…The BVI was the Chair for the Overseas Countries and Territories Association; and we had to represent these countries in all the various international fora…to raise the anthem….to get the bigger countries to understand that we are the ones who will suffer the most.”

“Part of the wider education campaign that we are embarking on is to get our people to understand that you are seeing with your own eyes the manifestation of climate change. It is a real phenomenon and whatever can be done has to be done,” he added.