Deputy Premier Is Aware Of Negative Gossip


Deputy Premier and Minister for Natural Resources and Labour Dr. the Hon. Kedrick Pickering took a swipe at his critics and stated that he is aware of the names that people call him.

During his contribution to the Budget Debate on 24 March, Hon. Pickering said that he knows that some are against him: “There are a lot of people that undermine me, and say I am this and that.”

In noting the name calling the Deputy Premier said: “(Some are) especially saying that I am selling out this and done deal, but the people keep electing me: I must be doing something else right.”

“Yes I get a lot of licks and I understand it, there are some people that are happy that I get licks that’s fine…I can take care of myself. I ain’t forget. I have been here a long time and some people think I born quiet. Sometimes I do just let sleeping dogs dem lie…One thing I will do, I will be true to myself, I will be fair, be honest…” Hon. Pickering stated.