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Defending champs split Terrence “Chino” Chinnery Softball League opener

BVI Softball Baseball Association Public Relations Officer Shamora “Molly” Penn-Maduro, 4th left, presents a plaque to Terrence “Chino”Chinnery’s sister, Beverly Brathwaite during Sunday’s league opening. L-R: Hon Neville “Sheep” Smith, Ephraim Penn, Roland “TJ” Kirby, Rhodni Skelton, Judith “Jackie” Henley, Michelle Cannon, Vnessa Dickerson and David Brathwaite 

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

It was a split start for the defending champions in the opening of the BVI Softball Baseball Association league, named in honor of late president Terrence “Chino” Chinnery who was laid to rest on Saturday, with Synergy blowing out That’s Ya Problem, 15-0 in the Women’s game and Storm creating a Power Outage with a 9-4 victory.   

No statistics were available from the association as of press time. After Chinnery’s brother Roland “TJ” Kirby threw out the first pitch to Jamal “Lefty” Allen, Allen found himself on the losing end of both games—as a coach of That’s Ya Problem and player for Power Outage.

“I have to find a way to get my team to gel and get that fight back in them,” Allen said of That’s Ya Problem. “They were sleepy, came out a little logy, they weren’t executing the plays and they weren’t hitting as well. It’s still early in the season. There’s a lot of work to be done, so I’m not worried.”

Synergy’s winning pitcher Thea Cooke, said it was a good game, her team is back and they had to let people know they’re ready to defend their title. She said for the amount of practice that she had, she felt that she pitched a good game.

“They weren’t being aggressive, coming to the plate and showing me that they came to defend, hit you out of the park or do something,” she said. “I feel like they weren’t defensive. We came to send a message. We won last year, this year we’re going to do the same thing.”  

Wearing a Chinnery necklace, Outfielder Claury ‘Chloe’ Scatliffe who went 2-for-3, said she felt Chinnery who worked on her early development’s presence. “I felt the power. I just had him in my head, I was just free. Got the first game rust off,” said Scatliffe, the only girl to play on the Rookies Boys team under Chinnery’s tutelage. “That (playing on the Boys team) helped me grow faster, and build up more because the boys are always stronger than the girls. How I grew up in between them, I just evolved quicker.”

Scatliffe said in Baseball, Chinnery always pushed her to be a pitcher and that’s how she got her arm strength. “I used to pitch harder than some of the boys so that’s how I’m so good at softball. I grew up among those boys and they showed me a lot too,” she said. “Chino made me Chloe. I like pitching baseball. He was putting me to be a softball pitcher but changed his mind and said I have a strong arm and he put me to be a catcher. Now, I mostly like to catch and be an outfielder. Nobody runs on me, they know better.”

In honor of Chinnery, this season she said she’d like to cut down on strike out. “He always used to say ‘don’t get strike out you know,’” she said. “So I’m going to try and focus on hitting, because that’s where I was lacking last season.”

Coach Neville “Sheep” Smith, said his Synergy team looks sharp and they always listen, which he likes. “The game plan tonight was to start inside to see what the game looked like then burst the game open and that happened,” he noted. “We started off with that game plan because I saw someone at second base I never saw before. I wanted to see how they played and tested the water and it worked. We continued to pick off bit by bit. Being in the sport for a while, I think I have an advantage by watching some of the players and know what’s going on. That started the momentum and that was it from there.”

Storm cause Power Outage

The new-look Storm overpowered defending champs Power Outage, 9-4. Winning pitcher and player-manager Allen “Woodrow” Smith said the team only has four veterans on it. “It sends a message that yes, we may be a new team, we need some work to get to a certain level where we can compete on a championship level, however, we had to send a little message and show them, you’re not going to roll over us, just because we came, we’re new and we’re fresh,” he said. “We came to show that we are here and I was impressed with the guys. They fought, they have a lot of energy and we’re going to do good things this year.”

Allen said Power Outage didn’t play to the expected level and slept on things. “We had some errors, we were struggling with the pitching a bit and the team wasn’t batting,” he pointed out. “If you’re doing all three of those things, you must lose a game. Other than that, I had no problem with my team. We know what we have to do and we’ll be alright.”