Deadline for Investment Opportunity Extended


A final opportunity for persons to invest in the cruise pier development was announced last week, and commenced from Tuesday 5 May.

The extended offer will come to an end on 5 June, and was announced by the Managing Director of the BVI Ports Authority (BVIPA), Mr. Claude Skelton-Cline.

Mr. Cline informed of the decision to provide an additional investment opportunity during the opening ceremony for the cruise pier project on 29 April. He told the gathering: “One of the mandate that the Government charged to us was to ensure that with this development anyone who deems to belong to the BVI could have an opportunity to invest and to improve the quality of their own lives by investing in the upland development…Then it was expanded to anyone who legally resided in the BVI.”

The Managing Director announced that the BVIPA Board has agreed that beginning 5 May to 5 June  anyone who still wishes to invest in the upland development has one last opportunity.

“You have one month (to go to) Clarence Thomas or our offices at the Authority we want you to take full advantage. Anyone who deems to belong to the BVI and  legally residing in the BVI…that offering would now be open to you for one month,” he declared.