CXC Makes Welcome Concessions


The damage to the public high schools and the time that was lost as a result of the devastating hurricanes posed difficulties for students who were scheduled to sit the CSEC examinations. However, the setback has been minimized and Minister for Education and Culture, Hon Myron Walwyn announced that his Ministry has had discussions with the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC).

In an update on the education undertakings on 24 October the Minister mentioned that he has been in contact with the regional body: “We have relayed our concerns to CXC regarding projects and examinations for our students and as such, they have provided some adjustments to their time frame to ensure that our students have the best opportunity to do well on their exams.”

It was explained that School Based Assessments which as part of the grading for the examination will also see some ease in submission time – the Minister noted that this is also part of the CXC concession: “An extension for SBA’s has been given up to July 31,” Hon. Walwyn noted.

Following the hurricanes a number of students relocated to other schools in the region in order to continue their studies. This is also being factored into the agreement with CXC as the Minister pointed out that location is no barrier to the time concession.

In fact, Hon. Walwyn said: “Students who have moved to other countries are being asked to register using their BVI number so that the results can be sent back to the BVI when results are released. We thank CXC for working along with us to ensure that our students are not disadvantaged in any way.”

It was further mentioned that the digital textbooks were estimated to be here at the end of October and training on the use of the devices is expected to begin in the first week in November.

“As was mentioned before, digital textbooks in the first instance, will be available for grades 7 and 8. Hard-copied textbooks for students in grade 9 are now available for purchase at Island Services and there are no issues surrounding textbooks for grades 10-12 as the same textbooks are used for the senior programme,” the Minster added.