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Curfew Noncompliance Reports Surface On Social Media


Cases of persons breaking the 24-hour curfew implemented to fight the Coronavirus are being reported and Deputy Premier and Minister for Health and Social Development Hon. Carvin Malone is very concerned about these reports, to the point where the Minister is even threatening to revoke the passes of essential workers who are found guilty of such actions.

From the night of 4 April, the Territory went on complete lockdown and only persons who are classified as essential workers were allowed to leave their home with stipulations. These stipulations included a warning that these persons were only expected to carry out activities that are in line with their duties.

 However, residents continue to report via social media that from their homes they can see movements around various points of the Territory; such irresponsible behavior is not following regulations regarding essential or necessary personnel during a curfew.

These spontaneous reports seemed to prompt the Minister to place a post on Facebook discouraging such behavior. In that post on 7 April Hon. Malone announced, “The curfew is imposed to save lives! Time for whistleblowers to get busy! Too many individuals are abusing their passes by going to places not specified in the pass. It must stop!”

“The next move would be to cancel all passes and tightly issue new passes to only absolute and verifiable essential workers. Check your status or you may be checked in! Violators are risking your life,” the Minister added.

The list of essential workers includes: officers of private security, Customs and Immigration officers, public and private sector waste management services, fuel distribution and delivery services, public and private sector social care providers, courts, mortuary services, humanitarian support, emergency call handlers, freight, couriers, and cargo handlers, apostille and related statutory services, laundry services, media and broadcast providers, farming, agriculture, fisheries and veterinary services, transportation services for essential workers, supermarkets and restaurants providing services for essential workers.

On 4 April the Government reminded the public to adhere to the mandatory 24-hour curfew that continues until Thursday, April 16 in accordance with the Curfew Order; at that time it was explained that essential workers were required to adhere to stipulations related to their curfew passes.

It was pointed out that fishermen passes were issued for checking their boats only as necessary and only between 6:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon. It was, therefore, emphasized that the passes do not permit to fish. On the other hand, farmers were advised to use their pass to check farms and livestock between 6:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon.

It was explained that essential workers are those persons who travel to and from work on duty; and that no one except essential and critical workers on duty should be out of their homes.