Cruise Ship Visitors Enjoy First Class Experience


Last Sunday we had a first-hand opportunity to see how our tourist industry functions as it relates to cruise ship visitors. The Road Town cruise ship pier bustled with tourists from two large ships; the coordination and routing of the various groups was rather impressive and everything was sorted out efficiently and swiftly. Given the preponderance of Italian visitors we noticed coordinators speaking to tourists in Italian. In fact, being welcomed in one’s language in a foreign country is a very good start.
The operation continued smoothly as a number of visitors embarked on Speedy’s ferry bound for Virgin Gorda: there were no delays and everyone was happy. At the Virgin Gorda ferry docks dispatchers and staff welcomed the tourists and kept the complex coordination very much under control.
The Baths attracted a large portion of happy excursionists who found the whole experience beyond their expectations. As lunchtime approached the nearby restaurants were virtually filled to capacity; yet the service was  friendly, satisfactory and effortless. 
The Top of The Baths restaurant is fully deserving of kudos for their excellent cuisine and attention to the customers. It is no surprise that the Tripadvisor reviews on the internet give this restaurant high marks for food, value, atmosphere and service. Chef Tallboy and his staff were very happy to accomodate the needs of special diet guests; additionally the local cuisine was not overlooked and plaintain and other local vegetables were featured. 
A visitors from Iowa stated in his Tripadvisor review: “Incredible view, very beautifully rebuilt after 2017 hurricanes and good food too! The jerk chicken sandwich and pain killers were the crowd favorites…the kids agreed that the pool was the real draw. Must be the most beautiful place on earth to get lunch!”
As we completed our visit with a sightseeing tour we were highly impressed by our taxy driver Orville who went out of his way to pack a two-hours truly mesmerizing experience filled with stunning views, off the beaten track enchanting spots and impeccable service. 
The BVI tourist industry must ensure that this type of world class customer service becomes the golden rule. [19 January 2019 Editorial]
Photo courtesy BVI Tourist Board