Cruise Pier Expansion Focuses On Land-Side


Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool announced this week that the land-side development of the Cruise Pier Expansion project is proceeding well.

In an update on 9 December, the Minister stated: “Many of you would have noticed that the cruise ship dock area at the back of the Central Administration Complex has been off limits for over a week. This is what is taking place there, as we continue to prepare for the grand opening of Tortola Pier Park later this month.”

In May, it was announced that works for the land-side aspect of the Cruise Pier Expansion project is being tackled by Ports and Marina Services Ltd. The company signed a $4.9M contract with the British Virgin Islands Ports Authority (BVIPA) to carry out the works.

It was stated that the works would include enabling and substructuring works for the land-side development that specifically entails demolition, piling and placement of concrete slabs.

The land-side project is phase two of the overall Cruise Pier Expansion initiative. It includes the Royal Customs House, Black Swan Tavern, The Exchange, Retail Village Buildings, Entry Market, Chapel, Boat Museum, Pool Bar, Merchant Kiosks, Boardwalks East and West, Cricket Lawn, Waterfront Swimming Pool, Chapel Garden, Maintenance Area and Trolley Line.