“Wouldn’t this be seen as getting in your own way,” Leader of the Opposition Hon. Andrew Fahie asked Premier and Minister for Finance Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith in response to the BVI Leader’s announcement that some information required for the audit of the cruise pier project is still outstanding.

Last year Premier and Minister for Finance, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith admitted that $82M was expended on the cruise pier project and at that time indicated that international firm KPMG was commissioned to carry out a full audit of the expenditure. However, in an update on 12 May, Premier Smith did not say when the process which was expected to be completed in three months –will finally come to an end. This delay was tackled in the House of Assembly on 1 August by Hon. Fahie during the questions and answers section.

In his answer the Premier assured that the audit process was moving along. He told the House: “The audit is ongoing and the completion date is largely dependent on the time required to thoroughly source, review and analyze the large volume of documents that KPMG has…before they can produce a report on their findings. It is therefore their intention to carry out the substantive portion of the work and complete it during the summer period.”

However, the Premier’s answer resulted in a follow up from Hon. Fahie regarding why there was information scarcity in an audit that was commissioned by the Government, and whether the auditors now have all of the information they require. To this question the Premier responded that the auditors did not have all the information needed.

“No Madame Speaker there was some information that was not received, but the information that was received is satisfactory to them and they will basically continue to do the work that they have to do and continue to,” the Premier said.

During the questions and answers segment of the 12 May sitting of the House of Assembly