“There Is A Crisis Of Confidence In Politicians,” Hon. Walwyn Says


The public has reportedly lost confidence in the House of Assembly and elected officials and Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn announced that the distrust was caused by legislators who harped and announced that some members of the House of Assembly are corrupt.

The comment was made by Hon. Walwyn during the debate of the Recovery and Development Agency Plan in the House of Assembly on 23 October. Hon. Walwyn told his colleagues: “We have to get to the realization of something – there is a crisis of confidence in the House of Assembly by the public.”

“There is a crisis of confidence in ministers as well. I had to sit down and take a look at that because when I say ministers I don’t mean ministers of the NDP I mean ministers generally, I mean the House of Assembly generally and I don’t mean necessarily just this House of Assembly that is sitting here; because this crisis of confidence existed even before 2011 when many of us joined. It perhaps was there even before 1999 when many of the other members joined.”

In explaining that the reported crisis is an escalation of internal tiffs, the Minister stated that the repercussion is an electorate with concerns about the current leaders: “We have to sit down and take a look and understand what has been said to us by the public because if we are to improve if we are to increase the quality of our representation we have to try to understand what people are saying to us.”

Hon. Walwyn referenced the Recovery Development Agency Plan and stated that while legislators are concerned about the apparent minimization of ministerial powers in the initial document, the public was happy to hear of those inclusions.

“We might be thinking about the RDA in a negative light because I have heard some of the comments but the public don’t feel the same way about the RDA as we feel. Many of the persons in the public are actually happy that the RDA is there because we have created a narrative in this House of Assembly that has trickled outside that we can’t trust each other. That we are corrupt,” Hon. Walwyn said.

In stressing that the result is a manifestation of an earlier warning the Education Minister said: “That’s why I always caution people when they use this word corruption and say that people are corrupt because when you do that people are listening to you. People are hearing you speak about your own people that you are corrupt. The UK is hearing it. It’s on the world wide web. The public of course is believing because we don’t take the time sometimes to educate the public or explain enough to the public what we are doing in the House of Assembly.”

“We only wait until something comes down from London that we don’t like and we start to jump up and make noise like children, but all along the process of making sure that people understand what is happening, understand what this means; understand the direction we should be going we don’t take the time to do it and I want to encourage all of us within the House of Assembly to do better by the people and try to as much as we can properly inform the public on things that are happening so that people can make wise decisions Madame Speaker,” Hon. Walwyn stated.