Criminals Will Be Arrested: Police Commissioner Says


Last month bandits entered One Mart supermarket, fired gunshots and stole cash, but to date the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) has not made arrests relating to the matter because of lack of information.

In fact Commissioner of the RVIPF Michael Matthews told reporters last week that the community has details, but is not sharing them with the police.

The Commissioner’s comment was in response to a question from the media regarding the fact that the persons were questioned about the robbery, but were released.

While, Mr. Matthews confirmed that there were no arrests, he also chided those who have information but refuse to come forward. “We immediately made nine arrests, but there were no charges, there are a number of lines of inquiry. It’s very much alive as we speak,” the Commissioner said as he disclosed that he had a personal briefing from the detectives recently on where the RVIPF was with the One Mart robbery.

He stressed the need for persons with information to share what they know with the police by stating: “The answer lies in the community, there are people out there who know who did it. I take the opportunity now to say to them, call and speak to me personally if you don’t want to speak to my officers. There are people who are out there who know who did it.”

Nonetheless, Mr. Matthews reaffirmed the Forces’ commitment and duty to keeping the community safe, and said that those carrying out robberies will be found:  “I want to make it clear, our job is to keep this community safe…If people think they can get away with charging into supermarkets and restaurants or stopping people on the streets and producing guns to demand money, and if they think that they are going to do that and get away with it, they got another thing coming because we are going to continue to search them out.” he said.