Cop – “Community Intelligence Is Key!”


Monday, May 30 – The Commissioner of Police believes the answer to catching the cowardly armed intruders that last Monday afternoon entered the home of a female resident in Mount Healthy area and made off with her valuables lies with the community.

After a visit with the victim at her home the morning following the incident, the Commissioner is convinced that the perpetrators had studied the area prior and prepared in advance for this attack. Therefore, community intelligence is the key.

“Someone knows who the youngsters are who committed this offence and the other burglaries in that area. It is unacceptable to protect these people just because they may be friends or relatives. These offenders need to be stopped. I appeal to the local community to have a conscience and not tolerate this behaviour. Parents should be asking where their sons or daughters are obtaining any unknown items particularly jewelry. Assist us with information about who has been trying to sell jewelry, iPads or phones lately or spending money and cannot account for where it came from,” he noted.

The Commissioner emphasized the partnership which is necessary for protecting communities. “It should always be Police partnering with communities when it comes to policing communities. Those who choose to steal, burgle and threaten their own neighbours, picking on vulnerable individuals must feel very intimidated by both an intolerant community and Police before commit these acts,” he said.

The Commissioner added that any piece of information, no matter how small, can help in bringing these cowards to justice. He has invited any who has information to contact him directly and give this information by calling 368-5414.

“Just point us in the right direction and we will take it from there to deal with them robustly with the law,” he added.

Persons are also invited to contact the RVIPF three-digit non-emergency number 311 or the RVIPF Intelligence Unit at 368-9339 if they have any information in relation to burglaries in these and other areas. Persons can also call the confidential Crimestoppers hotline number at 800-TIPS (8477) or any officer within the RVIPF.