Contract Signed For Pleasant Valley Road & Bridge

On Tuesday 25 February Government signed a contract with G-Unit Construction for works to be completed on the Pleasant Valley Road as well as drainage rehabilitation project.
In his remarks at the event Premier Smith described the signing as the first in a series of Road Rehabilitation projects to take place throughout the Territory. The BVI Leader said that in moving the Territory towards stability and growth Government continues to maintain a strong focus on infrastructural projects via improved road networks and extensive repairs to existing roads.
“I thank the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and members of staff not only for facilitating our goals of the implementation of Pleasant Valley Road and Bridge Rehabilitation but for continued support in the development of the Territory. Such a sizable investment is not simply a financial investment but a significant one that allows us to repair and construct much needed infrastructure. Finalization of the necessary CDB formalities enables us to forge ahead with this project to the next phase of our developmental plans for the Pleasant Valley area. I congratulate G-Unit Construction on their successful bid for this project,” the Premier said.
He added that through the signing of the contract he anticipates a coordinated strategy and effort between the Ministry of Communications and Works and G-Unit Construction for the demolition of the existing bridge deck and center wall at Palestina/Pleasant Valley, the raising of the concrete bridge abutments and the construction of an elevated new bridge deck.
It was mentioned that the project also allows for the re-grading of the road approaches to the bridge as well as construction of a new culvert along Palestina/Pleasant Valley road and a section of the Drake’s Highway.
Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool said that the signing is part of Government’s overall and urgent efforts to maintain and improve the infrastructure of the BVI; and mentioned that he was happy, that the major part, of the CDB project, is getting off the ground, with the signing, of this first major contract.
“As Minister for Communications and Works, I wish to reiterate, that it is important, for our local contractors, to take advantage of these opportunities, to bid, and improve your chances, of being awarded a contract. By doing so, you are actively contributing, to the development of this Territory,” Hon. Vanterpool added.