Consumers Welcome Re-Opening Of Bobby’s Supermarket


Elton Leonard, the proprietor of Bobby’s Supermarket apologised for the closure of the store all these months, and announced that although he has had setbacks the reopened store will strive to meet the grocery needs of the Territory.

At a opening ceremony that was held on April 11, Mr. Leonard told the gathering of well wishers that the reopening of the store is a testament to his resilience: “It was a sad year-and-a-half, but you know that I am not a quitter; the odds may be against me, but none of them can run a supermarket like me. Today might be the beginning of what’s going to be a force to be reckoned with in the years to come,” he said.

Mr. Leonard announced that he is back in the supermarket business with a mission to bring back all the great prices, service, and seasonality. “Almost some 30 years ago, when Tortola was just primitive in supermarkets I brought everything from the United States to Tortola. I fell along the line, but guess what, I am just back, and today I want to apologise to all my customers for that year and a half. It could have been shorter but I had a vision, I had a strong vision for the future; a future dream that I didn’t want to let go… I could have had your store here, but I had a bigger vision for a supermarket in the BVI, I dreamt and I held onto to that dream; but I ran short; so my mission is to get that dream that I always wanted for the BVI in supermarket shopping,” the seasoned business entrepreneur stated.

In explaining the dream he had for the supermarket Mr. Leonard said: “I had that vision and I waited a whole year and a half before I returned and gave it up temporarily. I am a diehard supermarket man, I live and breathe supermarket, it’s my passion…A lot of people might think I have a lot of money but I don’t have a lot of money, I just had a little bit of money that made this happen….I have to build this store within the next two months or three months to make it the way I want it to be, it’s just half way. It is the smallest out of the three, but we are going to be the most powerful of the three.”

He referred to the opening as the rebirth of Bobby’s Market-place, and expressed gratitude to his staff who were loyal and waited patiently for the store’s reopening: “This is what you call loyal to the heart, you see these people here, they live and breathe with me and are as loyal as they can be. I tell you in the last eight months a lot of then ain’t get paid, but they still stuck with me and I appreciate it and I just want to say —  staff I appreciate you very much I love you and I want to say thanks for sticking with me.”