Consumers lament about Water Outages in Tortola and Virgin Gorda


In recent days both Government and residents have complained about water interruptions in the Territory. The first interruption was reported by residents during the weekend. Residents from at least three locations on 11 April  contacted the Speak Your Mind program to report that they were not getting water.

The first caller indicated that she was calling from Belle Vue and that for four days she did not get any water. In response host of the show Courtney De Castro asked why Belle Vue which is located close to the Sabbath Hill facility was out of water.

Another caller who identified herself as a Nothingham Estate resident announced that her area was without water for more than a month. The caller announced: “We haven’t gotten water for over two months in Nothingham Estate; and we keep calling them, they keep telling us they coming, they coming. Up to now these people aint come, and every time we call them they find some kind of excuse.”

In relation to Nothingham Estate, Mr. de Castro described the situation as unacceptable and stated that the area is a short distance away from the Barbay water facility.

In a text message relating to water that was read by the show’s host, one resident from the Third District wrote: “You are going to refuse the people of the Third District water just because you want the Representative out.”

Ministry Points out Water Interruption

Later on his Facebook page Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool confirmed that areas in Virgin Gorda were also without water. The Minister stated that the water supply in North Sound, Virgin Gorda was interrupted due to a failed water production pump.

“All efforts were made to have the pump replaced earlier… and the issue was resolved … However, we found that there is only around two feet of water in the reservoir and this is insufficient to effectively distribute water,” the Minister stated.

Hon. Vanterpool explained that based on the levels and the rate of production, it was necessary that the reservoir remained closed so that levels could be built up for effective distribution.  It was mentioned that the areas directly impacted included Leverick Bay, The Bend, Little Hill, Gun Creek and Sarah Well.