Community Bids Farewell To Trinity


The funeral service of the late Trinity Azaria Moses Thomas the little girl who was shot and killed in an incident that shocked the Territory was held on 15 December at the St George’s Episcopal-Anglican Church.

Trinity was born on 23 August 2006 and departed this life on 22 November 2017. She was her mother’s second child and grew up in Huntums Ghut. She was a student at the St George’s Primary School from the age of five to the time of her untimely death.

She loved school, her classmates and teachers, not excluding the general administrative staff. It was noted that Trinity participated in school activities and always finished a task.

Trinity had an interest in food and the eulogy noted that she was developing into a serious chef. It was indicated that Trinity already had pasta and donut secret recipes that she would delight in making.

She was also said to be friends with the staff of the school, and wherever she went. The grandparents  eulogy emphasised how  much Trinity will be missed: “We would miss her for helping and correcting us whenever we made mistakes on the phone or computer.”

The late Trinity Azaria Moses is survived by her mother and father, Ramona Angela Moses, and Frandi Thomas, Sister — Jeshauna Winter; Grandparents — Rudolph and Deorani Moses, and Eurice Thomas aka  Girlie; Aunts — Sherry Moses, Deborah Moses, Cleatus Ramchandran, and Jamie Rydell, Cousins – Carly Ramchandran, Timothy and Sebastian Rydell, and many other relatives and friends too numerous to mention.