A home going service was held at the New Life Baptist Church (NLBC) on March 22 for the late Natanael Gumbs who was born on May 3 1994 and departed this life on March 3, 2014.

Former Principal of the St George’s Secondary Division, Dr. Myrna Belgrave in her tribute described  Natanael as a bold individual who took initiative and was willing to learn and be part of several activities which were offered.

“He possessed a spirit of adventure and daring. Natanael was an all-rounder. He sang, participated in all of the school’s dramatic presentations, danced, played all types of ball games, participated in track and field and was the only cadet left standing from the St George’s attempt at forming a Cadet Corp. If you wanted responsible action and commitment, you called Natanael. He was always ready to try new things and give his best effort,” the former Principal said.

She noted that Natanael often shared his dreams and aspirations with her while he was a student, and she recalled that he was focused and determined to succeed: “When life seemed to knock him off course he bore the situation with a maturity that was way beyond his chronological age. He always felt that he could handle whatever life brought his way.”

It was further noted that Natanael’s attitude, demeanour, well-dressed appearance, mannerly nature and ready smile distinguished him from his peers and created the impression that he was destined for great things. In fact the former Principal stated: “Natanael you are gone too soon and there is great sadness because you were a special soul with great potential.”

The late Natanael Gumbs is survived by his Wife—Krystle Gumbs; Mother — Belkis Mejia; Father — Keith Gumbs aka Stone; Mother-in-Law — Eunice Crawford; Father-in-Law — Reuben Crawford; Brothers — Allister Gumbs, Kadeem Keith Gumbs, Neil Gumbs, Kelvin Gumbs and Osmond Browne; Sisters — Marlene Gumbs, Roxanne Gumbs, and Cydione Gumbs; Aunts — Rosanna Mejia, Flerida Mejia, Criselda Creque, Gabriela Meija, Domingo Mejia, Evelin Mejia, Lavern Blyden, Nurys Nadal, Rev. Erminie George, Louise Christopher aka Agnes, Sergeant Gwendollee Barzey, Marguerita Gumbs-Seekwar aka Tiny and Barbara Tuitt; Uncles — Damion Creque, Wesley Gumbs aka Chilly, Clarence Gumbs aka Top, Franchie Gumbs, and Elridge Gumbs aka Skelley; and many other relatives and friends too numerous to mention.

He was affiliated with the NLBC Sounds of Heaven Steel Pan, Senior Choir and Music Ministry, Mentoring Annointed Leaders Everywhere (M.A.L.E), Drama Ministry, Jabez Teens; The St George’s Anglican Church Choir, HLSCC Chorale, HLSCC Domino Crew, Elmore Stoutt High School Drama Society, Junior Heritage Dancers, Interact Club, BVI Rugby Society, Phoenix Volleyball Team, and the Virgin Islands Cadet Corps